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User will receive an email from ringcoder.com or yourbrand.com 


A page will open in your browser and ask you if you want to open or save the item – choose “Save”.  You will be presented with an option to choose where to place your file.  You may put it on your device in the ringtones folder, however the best option to conserve device memory would be to save it on a memory card if you have one.



A download screen will appear.  When the file shows “completed” exit your browser and return to the home screen.

Setting the Ringtone (Editing Profiles)

Next we will set the new tone as the default ringtone for the Loud profile.  From the home screen, select the “Profiles” icon and scroll to “Advanced”.  Then highlight loud, hit the menu key and select “Edit”.


We are now in the edit screen for all of the alerts associated with the Loud profile of the device.  For this instance we are only setting the ringtone, so scroll down to “Phone” and select it.  From here, we have the option for “Out Of Holster” and “In Holster”.  These are two often confused options.  “Out of Holster” means the device is not in a holster, or case, or any sort totally naked.  “In Holster” means the device is in a holster or case – covered.  When the device is ‘In Holster”, a small magnet in the case signals the device for a different lot of settings.  (Not all cases have magnet that will signal the device).  So you can pick and choose to have the device louder when in the holster, or simply vibrate.  The choice is yours.  For now we will set the “Out of Holster” tone.  Scroll to Tune and select it.  You will be presented with a list of all the tones on your phone.  Scroll until you locate the new tone (usually alphabetically) and select it.



Your ringtone is now selected.  A few more things to make sure everything is good to go.

Next to “Out of Holster” there are four options.  Choose one depending on how you would like your phone to ring.

  • None: Silent – no tone at all
  • Tone: Device will alert based on volume/profile settings
  • Vibrate: Device will vibrate but have no sound
  • Vibrate + Tone: Device will vibrate before sounding the alert tone

For this instance we select “Tone” which will cause the device to ring an audible alert with no vibration.  Set the “Volume” for the tone (High, Medium or Low).  Set the Repeat Notification to either “LED Flashing” or “None”.  From here, press menu button and select “Save”.  Your new ringtone is installed and ready to go!

To add the tone for other profiles (quiet, normal etc.)  Take the same steps, only edit the profiles for your liking, perhaps changing the volume, vibration etc.  These steps are the same for all the alert settings on the device.  SMS, MMS, Email etc.  Simply edit the profile you wish to change and go through the same steps to set the chosen alert.


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